Thursday, June 9, 2011

Glitter Gal: Blue Marine

Good morning fellow polish fiends!  I'm feeling almost completely human again.  It's a miracle!  Yesterday I finally got my Glitter Gal shipment all the way from Australia.  Let me tell you, shipping was NOT cheap.  I think it was in the $20 range (eek).  I looked everywhere for a US vendor, but no such luck.  Please let me know if you have a better way to get these!  Considering I spent more on these 3 polishes than I normally dare spend (give me a break - I REALLY wanted these for a long time), I set my bar high.  In some ways these lived up to my expectations, in others they came close (small bottle/high price/hard to get in the US).  I just can't justify the terribly expensive shipping on polishes that already aren't cheap.  This morning I am showing you Marine Blue.  The 3 I bought were all holographic polishes, and this happens to be a unique one in my collection.
2 coats Marine Blue, no top coat, artificial light
Glitter Gal polishes come in little cube shaped bottles with small black round caps.  The brushes are realllllllly short.  However, they are still easy to paint on.  These are smaller than most polishes, but I forget by how much.  These are also 3 Free as far as I can tell.  The formula is great on this one.  I'd venture that they are better than the OPI DS holographics in formula, and they are nothing like the chalky holos like Nfu Oh and GOSH.  They stay put, paint on like a creme would, and have a fast dry time.  Be careful though, because they will be smooth quickly but are still dentable for quite some time after.  Marine Blue is really just that, marine blue.  It reminds me of OPI DS Glamour but this is a true blue slightly linear holo and Glamour leans purple in comparison (see a brief review and image here).

Glitter Gal Marine Blue bottle
This color happened to be particularly camera shy, and I wish I had thought to grab a flash pic before swatching the other polishes.  Below was my best capture of the effect.  You can see where the holo effect is peaking out of the blue, but IRL it is way stronger.
2 coats Marine Blue, artificial light
Verdict?  This would have had to be a COMPLETE dud for me to get rid of it.  I really like it though.  I will do a side by side comparison with OPI DS Glamour soon! 

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  1. ooh i would love to see a comparison! i really really want to do a GG order but the shipping cost from Australia is so much :/ maybe if you convince me it's better than Glamour I may have to just bite the bullet and get it anyway haha!

  2. It def depends on how much you think you will use it. I have SO many holos and polish in general (and I know you do) that I will probably never go through a bottle. I got my glamour for a steal on evil ebay, so if you factor in shipping mine were close in price, but glitter gal is way smaller. I love them both though! You might as well place an order. The black is MPJ holo-esque. LOVE