Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello Holo - Nfu Oh 61 with OPI DS Glamour Accent Nail

It's FINALLY supposed to be sunny tomorrow!  With high hopes for 80 degrees and sunshine tomorrow I have holo-ed my hands out for play time tonight and will likely have at least 5 holos grace my fingers in the next 24 hours.  My name is Shbecky and I have a polish problem - I know.
Last week I managed to snag 2 bottles of Nfu Oh 61 during the few hours it was back in stock at Fabulous Street.  They have free super fast shipping.  I also grabbed 2 of the jelly syrup polishes that I am pretty psyched about.  Anywho my fingers are SUPER sparkly.  I started out with 3 coats of Nfu Oh 61 on all of my fingers.  I initially was going to do a tape mani, but a slight hangover ruined my motivation.  Since true linear silver holos like GOSH Holographic and Nfu Oh 61 are super thin I got away with topping my ring fingers with 2 coats of OPI DS Glamour.  Don't forget, topcoat makes holos lose their insane holo effect so leave it off!  I did use Seche Vite's clear base coat with this.  I've read that you need to use the aqua base made by Nfu Oh, but it was sold out.  Honestly, I think Seche Vite was fine, but I'm not going for a lasting mani here.
3 coats Nfu Oh 61 + 2 coats OPI DS Glamour, artificial light
 Nfu Oh 61 is dusty textured silver linear holo and according to Fabulous Street the polish is 3 Free.  It is strikingly similar to GOSH Holographic.  GOSH may be slightly holo-ier, but the difference is negligible.  Only freaks like myself need both.  My previous thought that Nfu Oh had changed the formula was incorrect, this seems as great as pics I've seen from before.  The polish evens out nicely and shows no flaws.  The Nfu Oh brush is a little thick and flimsy, so I felt like I was going to end up with a heinous mani, but no lumps here.  I cleaned up the edges with an acrylic brush I grabbed at Sally's yesterday and all is well.
2 coats of OPI DS Glamour, artificial light, super close up
I actually had this on as a full mani last night for the hour or so of sun that peaked out in time for my kickball game on the National Mall.  I then managed to destroy the mani at the bar.  Survivor flip cup can be very dangerous.   Glamour is a discontinued Designer Series polish but is 3 Free and I can't decide if the brush is the new Pro Wide or is some random brush.  It gets the job done?  This is a linear holo, but it is very shy.  It also has some scattered holo glitter as you may see in the close up of my ring finger.  I love this mani!  I was nervous that the random color of the accent nail would be weird, but I think the mani is tied together by the holo and is perfect for my Saturday night on the town :)

Verdict?  Come on, like I would ever get rid of a holo.  I may do a 100 follower giveaway on the second bottle of Nfu Oh 61 if we ever get there.  What do you think?  Holo Giveaway?


PS- I will grab sun pics that get the rainbow effect in all of its glory.

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