Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We are so glad that more and more people are slowly beginning to follow our little blog.  2 weeks ago I was one of the fortunate few to squeeze in an order of Nfu Oh 61 while it was briefly in stock.  I grabbed an extra bottle to use as a giveaway, because I know people have been trying hard to get their hands on this baby.  This giveaway will run from now until we reach 150 followers or July 4, whichever comes later
I apologize to any international readers, but this giveaway will be limited to followers in the United States only.  I want to make sure I can handle the US before taking on international shipping.  There are multiple entries available, and they are labeled in the entry form below.  The giveaway will include some TBD extras to keep Nfu Oh 61 company, and I will update those as they are decided (or maybe it should be a surprise?).  Please email me if you have any questions, or post in the comments below!  Thanks for reading ~ Shbecky


  1. Now I wish I was a USA resident =[

  2. I'm sorry! I promise I'll do some research on international shipping and get a new giveaway up right after this!

  3. Thanks anyways, it's not like I became a follower for your giveaways :P

  4. Nice blog! ^__^

    Good luck to everyone entering. I don't live on the US, but I hope that the winner will enjoy the polish very much :)

  5. I live in Singapore but I have an address in USA. Can I still join?

  6. Karina ~ Stay tuned for our next giveaway! I'll try to make it international for you!

    miCHelle ~ As long as you have a US address that we can ship to, we'd love to have you enter! It's just shipping internationally that we aren't ready for yet.

    Good luck everyone!

  7. Heyyyy! I noticed I made the 150th follower! hahaha :D I feel honored just by that ALONE!
    I was a little confused on how to supply a direct link to the tweet. It's my primary tweet on my profile so I provided just my profile link, I don't know if that could count at all but you could check it out I definitely tweeted about your blog ! :)

    LOVE this polish! I was the unlucky few that completely missed the restock LOL AND my birthday is July 3rd, Rockin' the 25th hehehe

    Good luck to everyone :)

  8. @Roxy ~ Thanks for being our 150th follower! For future reference you can access a direct link to a tweet by clicking the time stamp on the tweet. It will bring you to a page designated to that one tweet alone!

    Hopefully your birthday brings lots of luck to you!

  9. Thank you so much, this is a totally awesome giveaway prize!