Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OPI A-taupe The Space Needle

Hey everyone!  What a day - an earthquake in VA??? Seriously?  I had an interview today for a legal program with the EPA.  All day I told myself that I would leave at precisely 1:50 pm leaving a full hour for a 10 minute drive.  At 1:50 I was dressed and had my bag over my shoulder.  As I went to walk through the bedroom door I felt a rumble which instantly turned into my entire building bouncing and literally swaying from side to side.  The artwork was slamming on the walls and the cats darted under my roomie's low bed.  My first thought was that the gas station across the street had exploded (note- this has actually happened up the street from an old apartment of mine).  Then I thought we were under attack, as I live a stone's toss from the Pentagon.  All signs should have pointed to an earthquake, and as I raced to call my parents I realized that's what was happening.  It didn't register since we don't expect that here and I have never experienced one.  It lasted SO long.  I managed to get my mom on the phone and explain what was happening before the rumbling subsided.  SERIOUSLY?  Right before my interview?? I was scared to take the elevator and go underground to the garage but I really want this job, so I bit the bullet.  Fortunately everyone is safe and we made out with completely superficial damage and some out-of-this-world traffic.  BUT STILL - A 5.8 EARTHQUAKE HERE?  I almost moved to CA once, and earthquakes were prohibitively frightening to me.  Looks like I should have gone after all!  OK, I'm done ranting.  Now for some polish. 

I am back into the fall-is-coming kick, and have another of OPI's Touring America collection.  This is A-taupe The Space Needle, a 4 Free taupish/ugly/pretty greenish creme with yellow undertones.  How else should I describe it??  This is definitely reminiscent of China Glaze Trendsetter (see my review here) in terms of color profile.  Trendsetter has shimmer and is a good bit brighter though.  Again, this polish had a great formula and OPI's Pro Wide brush made application a breeze. 
2 coats A-taupe The Space Needle, no top coat, artificial light
In case you are wondering, I love the formulas on ALL of the Touring America polishes that I have tried.  I'm just warning you not to expect otherwise!  This was also almost opaque in a single coat, but I used a second to cover up my own sloppy-handedness.  It dries to a very glossy finish, so I didn't bother with a top coat for this swatch. 

So what do you guys think?  Ugly/pretty fall colors for the win?


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  1. I tend to love most ugly/pretty colors! I just picked up ChG Trendsetter today. Glad you made it through the earthquake safely!