Monday, August 22, 2011

Illamasqua Raindrops

Hey guys!  My guess is that you have seen this polish A LOT lately.  For that I apologize, but I'm going to show you this anyways.  Illamasqua Raindrops was a major lemming of mine for a long time.  I went so far as to ask my friend Blake to pick it up for me while he did a study abroad program at Oxford.  Most Illamasqua polishes are readily available through Sephora.  Raindrops, however, was a special release that can only be purchased online or in London.  Unfortunately I wasn't planning any trips abroad, nor was I fond of the high price that resulted from international shipping and a polish price converted from British Pounds to Dollars.  Before I could hassle Blake to run and purchase this for me, I found this on sale for 5 Pounds.  It's still not cheap, but it beats 13 Pounds any day.    I managed to grab this and I am so happy I did.
2 coats Raindrops, Nubar Top Coat, artificial light
Raindrops is a 3 Free, light, foggy grey jelly with find translucent glitter throughout.  Reports indicated that this was tough to wear on its own.  However this is only 2 coats of the polish and I think it's great.  I am not a hug fan of the brush that this and other Illamasqua polishes come with.  They are a little too flimsy for my taste.  I end up painting my finger along with my nail every time.  I don't normally bother with this brand of polish because of that flaw.  Yet I find that an obnoxious brush isn't enough to keep me from a polish this unique.  This polish is still on sale on Illamasqua's website!  Hurry up and grab one!