Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Ginger & Liz: Prima Donna

Hey guys!  Just a quick post for Pink Wednesday, because the bf and I are watching Fringe off of my computer and my typing keeps messing up the HD hook up :(.  This is Ginger & Liz Prima Donna.  It's a pale pink metallic foil.  This is pretty much a cousin of Swagger and G&L's gold and silver equivalents.  They've mastered these finishes and manage to leave very little trace of brush marks
2 coats Prima Donna, no top coat, artificial light
 G&L polishes are 4 Free and cruelty free and feature a brush that has just shy of 400 strands.  The grippy top makes it really easy to apply and the brush fans out nicely on the nail.  This is 2 coats of Prima Donna but once I applied the second coat I realize I only needed one.  As usual I had trouble capturing pink in the light box, so I have included a flash shot to give you a better idea of the hue. 
2 coats Prima Donna, no top coat, flash
It's a really lovely color!  It's very feminine and subtle, but still unique enough that it will draw some compliments.  Enjoy!


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