Saturday, July 2, 2011

Zoya Dove with Burst Crackle in Aqua Marine and Violet Flame

Hey everyone!  For our American readers - I hope your long weekends are off to a good start!  The boyfriend and I are on Hilton Head, SC for the weekend and I love it so far.  Tonight I have an old mani, Zoya Dove with Burst Crackle in Aqua Marine plus a Burst Crackle in Violet Flame accent nail.  I originally wanted to just wear Zoya Dove, but I had some serious bubbles to cover up!  I will review these crackles and Zoya Dove in more depth at some later point.  I will mention a few quick notable things though! I love Burst crackles.  The have my favorite formula to date.  Also, Violet flame has a shimmery finish that I love.  Aqua Marine dries matte, so you need top coat for sure.  You should always be using it with crackles anyway if you want it to last at all!   You can find Burst crackles at or and they are far cheaper than OPI.
2 coats Dove + 1 coat Aqua Marine and one coat Violet Flame w/ Seche Vite, artificial light
Everyone needs to try these for sure!  Maybe I'll toss one in for our lucky giveaway winner!  Don't forget you have until 11:59 on July 4th to enter!  Click here if you haven't entered yet!


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  1. Violent Flame is gorgeous! I've been finding Burst at random salons around here too!