Friday, July 1, 2011

Nfu Oh #66

Hey everyone!  I hope the weather where you all are is as incredible as the weather here is.  No clouds, no rain and best of all no humidity!  The Congressional offices closed at noon today so I ran to grab a quick pedi to prepare for my trip to Hilton Head with the boyfriend's family.  I'll spare you the pictures of my feet, but they are red, white and blue striped for July 4th (duh).  I'm not sure what my internet access will be down there, so I'm yet to decide how to handle posting.  I'll do my best, I promise!  Tonight I have a polish that is a perfect match to the weather.  Fabulous Street seems to have returned all of the holos except #61 to stock, but last week they only had #65 and #66 in stock so I grabbed them.  Here is #66 in all of its holo glory.  It's a light green chalky linear holo and I'm in love. 

I know that you are supposed to use Nfu Oh's special base coat, but I used OPI's DS base coat.  It seems to work just fine.  I used 2 coats of #66 followed by one thin coat of OPI's standard top coat (anything thin will do just fine).  Then I used either one or two coat on each nail of #66.  The extra coat was just to fill in a few patchy spots.  Like most holos this dries super fast.  I'm showing you photos taken in 4 separate lighting areas so that you can see how this looks really different depending on the light.
3-4 sandwiched coats #66, no top coat, artificial light

3-4 sandwiched coats #66, no top coat, flash

3-4 sandwiched coat #66, no top coat, shade

3-4 sandwiched coats #66, no top coat, sunlight (LOVE)

Admittedly there isn't a huge difference between this and its silver counterpart #61.  HOWEVER, there is a difference.  This clearly flashes a green tint even though it is subtle.   Needless to say I will be holding on to both!

Don't forget you can win a bottle of Nfu Oh 61 by entering here!  You have until 11:59 PM EST July 4th!


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  1. That is beautiful. These are the kinds of greens I like!