Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Pink ummmm Wednesday? Ginger & Liz Put A Ring On It

Hey everyone!  I know I've been a big fail on the daily post stuff lately.  I did this mani Tuesday night with plans to post it last night.  Whelp - needless to say things didn't go according to plan.  Dinner date with the boyfriend turned into drinks and then some more drinks.  Then?  I woke up.  This is Ginger & Liz Put A Ring On It.  It's a delicious berry pink creme.  Ginger & Liz is 4 free and features an awesome brush.  The bottle is like a glamorous Essie bottle with a black top.  Put A Ring On It painted on VERY smoothly.  It also could be a one coat wonder.  I wasn't very careful in my application so I had to top it off with an extra coat.  As a final note, this polish has an out of this world shine going.  I added a top coat, but it is just as shiny on its own.  I can see my face in the reflection outside. 
2 coats Put A Ring On It + Seche Vite, natural lighht
I told my boyfriend that I'm going to wear this every day until I someday get engaged.  That way i can have the right polish on at the right time.  HA!

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  1. I would say it's a pretty color but it's so shiny I almost can't tell! LOL