Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Misa Push Up Bra - Pink Wednesday

Good Morning!  Welcome to our big group of new followers!  I'm feeling way better today.  Not 100% human yet, but at least 90%.  As I mentioned last week, Legally Lacquered will be participating in Pink Wednesdays, inspired by the classic film Mean Girls.  Today's photo doesn't look like a pink mani, but I promise it really is.  This is Misa Push Up Bra.  It is a really bright pink creme that has a slight orange lean, but nowhere near what seems to be pictured below.  Imagine that level of brightness but pink.  I tried everything, from editing to white balance settings, but the color just wonked out my camera and it refused to show this as pink. 
2 coats Push Up Bra + top coat, artificial light
Misa is cruelty and 3 Free, and comes in a seemingly large rectangular prism bottle with a smooth plastic black cap.  The brush is long and thin and matches up well with this formula.  I have little experience with Misa, but have a decent stock of work-safe polishes in my untried category.  This polish was easy to apply and had a stay-where-I-put-it-formula.  In case you haven't caught on, I love that kind of formula.  It's thin enough that you don't feel like you are "building" with your polish, but thick enough that it doesn't drip.  I'll definitely be trying more of these soon, and hopefully will be better able to capture the color.
Any tips for capturing those random colors that just refuse to cooperate with the camera?

Verdict?  One can never have to many work-friendly easy-to-apply polishes.  This will be staying in my collection for sure.  Plus, with a name like Push Up Bra, this polish just screams my name.

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P.S. I'm going to try to push out another post later to make up for my sick day!  Stay tuned!


  1. Carrie~ I just wish I could get it to look pink pink, the way it does in real life. :(
    Thanks for looking!

  2. awesome color name and I LOVE MISA!! the bottle design is friggen sweet and their polish wears so well on me.

    try editing in a website called 'picnik' if you haven't already, you can mess with temperature and exposure to help fix color wig outs :)

  3. I will def try picnik. I use iphoto now, which lets me edit that stuff. With this one no matter where I shift the temperature and such it wants to be orange. SO frustrating. I'm def buying more Misa polishes. Well - as soon as I recover from today's trip to the outlets.