Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Manis in The Great Hoosier State

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the hiatus on my part - I just got back from a trip to "The Great Hoosier State" (aka. Indiana) with the boyfriend. I had an AMAZING time and even remembered to bring my camera and laptop to post, BUT forgot the cord that connects the two. Fail. Today I wanted to post a few pics from a mani/pedi trip I went on with my boyfriend's two sisters, Molly and Sarah. We attended a wedding on Saturday so it was a nice treat to have a pro do our nails.

I hadn't gotten a french mani for quite some time, so I decided to go with that. While the tips were white, as they always are, I ADORE the color she used for my actual nail and had to take a pic of it to share with you. I typically prefer a more nude nail with french manis but I stand corrected. From the OPI Fairytale Bride collection, the awesome nail-lady used Otherwise Engaged. This color is a soft nude-meets-pink-meets-pink shimmer AKA this color is perfection. From what I gather, there would definitely be some VNL (visible nail line) if this polish was used alone. But for this purpose, it was ideal.

Molly, the older of my boyfriend's two younger sisters, opted for a pink. I had never seen OPI Strawberry Fields until this past weekend. It is a sophisticated bright pink with a cool pink shimmer throughout. LOVE. I am not entirely seeing the whole "strawberry" connection though. Strawberries are a warm, red-ish pink while this pink is a blue-based, amped up Barbie pink. This color was PERFECT for the day wedding and even more perfect for Molly's accompanying pedi.

Next, is Sarah, the younger of the younger sisters. She got a french mani just like me! But, her nails were spruced up with a band of silver. I must admit - I was pretty jealous of the glitter. In the sun, the sparkles definitely caught the light. And who doesn't want to draw attention to a fresh mani?? Something tells me that Sarah will be rocking this mani for a LONGGG time.. and not just because she was rocking her last one for a record time =).

Don't hate me, but I didn't catch the name of the polish used to paint the silver stripe. But I am SURE any brand would do. I've heard great things about NYX Ink Nail Art Polish and you can get these bottles for $3 on cherryculture.com (speaking of which, I received a lip chapstick with my purchase from Cherry Culture and I adore it.. anyone else get this free gift with purchase?).

There's no real need for a verdict here - LOVE LOVE and LOVE. I want to get better at giving myself a french mani. I have kept this one on now for 4 whole days - which is a record for me. And a BIG thank you to my boyfriend and his awesome family for having me this weekend. Can't wait to go back!!

Over and out!

Sony T

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