Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Julep: Natalie - Pink Wednesday

Hey everyone!  Sorry about the late post, I was busy with work adventures today.  I got to go to the FEC's meeting on political ad disclosures on Facebook.  Petty interesting stuff.  I meant to take pictures of this mani last night, but the boyfriend was asleep and looked pretty darn peaceful.  I managed to chip it at the gym this AM, but I really wanted to share this so I swatched it for you all.  For our 3rd Pink Wednesday I have Julep Natalie.  This is the 3rd Julep I am showing you, so you probably have gotten the details pretty well now.  Julep polishes are 3 Free and come in the lip gloss-esque bottle.  Natalie has a great formula and is perfectly opaque in 2 coats.  It's also remarkably self-evening. 
2 coats Natalie + Seche Vite, artificial light
If this looks a little familiar to you, don't worry - you aren't crazy.  This looks A LOT like Misa Push Up Bra.  I even had the same photography issues.  Push Up Bra is the slightest bit brighter though.  They are both bright peachy pink cremes that I love.  This one is way more bright AND pink than this IRL.  No color tweaking fixes this.  My guess is this just must be a camera quirk.  The one thing strange about Natalie is the brush.  It's great, but the wand and brush are way longer than my other 2.  See what I mean?

Natalie and the long brush

Amy with a short brush

It didn't change application at all, I just thought it was peculiar.  I hope you all enjoyed Pink Wednesday this week!  Get ready for a new holo gem of mine tomorrow :) (No not MPJ yet!)

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  1. Does the brush on Amy even go halfway down? It's so short! Pretty colors though :)

  2. 2/4 of the polishes were like that! Still really easy to apply, just really strange. I haven't seen another brand with such different brushes! Thanks for reading :)