Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SEPHORA by OPI: Flurry Up Top Coat

Been meaning to get this new post up for awhile, but I blame my afternoon laziness on my new routine (5am wakeup, 5:30am gym, 9am work). Yikes! Today I actually woke up without an alarm, so I'm definitely getting back in the swing of things. I've had this polish for awhile (along with its gold counterpart). It's an awesome way to dress up a flat lacquer, or to freshen up a mani after a few days. And by flat, I mean something that's not holo, franken, or otherwise dressed up.

In the bottle it looks pretty saturated, but you definitely don't want to wear this on its own. For this manicure, I applied it over OPI's Planks a Lot.

[2 coats Planks a Lot, 2 coats Flurry Up]

This polish is definitely tricky to apply. The sparkles naturally saturate towards the tip of the nail. It takes some maneuvering to get the sparkles where you want them to go.

[Closeup so you can see the different shaped/sized sparkles]

Verdict: As if I even have to say. This is definitely ideal for the lazy girl in me. Makes an old mani feel like new!



  1. That is pretty. I don't like messing with the glitter and moving it around!

  2. Does the glitter make it look dark gray? In the bottle the planks a lot looks purple