Friday, June 10, 2011

Julep: Helena and OPI: Turquoise Shatter

Good afternoon!  I have been dying to show this polish and this shatter combo to you guys for a few days now.  I just knew that when I finally showed it to you I'd be sad I didn't get to reveal this beauty again and again.  This polish is a new brand to me.  I got these on special at some point a little while ago.  I saw these on The PolishAholic's blog a few weeks back when she was running a giveaway.  I drooled over her swatches, but resisted the urge to buy these as they are $14 each.  However, I got my hands on a coupon code and got 4 of these for a steal.  They came in a great little box with a bow and a little gift of their roll-on cuticle oil.   Like Zoya polishes, these are all named with women's names.  As you can see in the pictures below, the bottle looks like a rectangular lip gloss package.  The bottles are extremely unique and I love them.  They also have this little design that lets you gauge how much is left.  Helena is a really bright fuchsia jelly/creme.  This image does little justice for the color, which is about 3x brighter than this picture shows.
2 coats Helena + Seche Vite, artificial light
These polishes are 3 Free, and surprisingly easy to apply.  They stay put on the nail and the top is easy to manage.  The cap and the brush are REALLY short.  I was upset at first that a $14 polish would have such a dinky top and brush.  However, I was impressed by the ease in application here.  I've tried another Julep polish already, and this seems to apply to all of their polishes.  Now if only my camera could register the level of brightness that Helena brings to the table.  LOVE IT!  Julep polishes can be purchased on their website!
Nifty way to determine how much polish is left!

lipgloss-esque bottle
Now - I apologize for the heavy post, but these polishes happened to arrive the same day as my Turquoise and Navy OPI shatters.  I now own ALL of OPI's shatters, and I must say that Turquoise and Navy may have the best formulas yet.  They are 3 Free and feature a brush a that is flat and wide, but not as wide as the Pro Wide brush.  Black and Silver Shatter got thick really quickly, but I haven't noticed that with this polish.  Maybe OPI stepped its formula game up when the shatters exploded into the market from every brand.  Anywho, Turquoise is a light blue shimmery shatter.  It is really easy to get opaque coverage in one coat.  This looked insanely great over Helena.  I want to wear this combo every day.  I HIGHLY advise clicking these images, because you get a really great look at how pretty these are in full size. 
2 coats Julep Helena + Seche Vite + Turquoise Shatter + Seche Vite

Very Shiny!

A really pretty contrast (ignore the very not straight cuticle area, sorry!)
Sorry, that was extremely picture heave.  Hopefully this shows you how I feel about these polishes and this particular combo!  

Verdict?  I find myself torn, because I want to wear so many of my untrieds but I want to wear this as a full mani for the next year straight.  LOVE!

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