Saturday, June 11, 2011

Julep: Amy and OPI Navy Shatter

Hey everyone!  I just got back from an AWESOME day at the outlets and Ikea.  I'm tuckered out but very happy.  They opened a Bloomingdales outlet which I think may become a problem for my finances pretty soon.  I grabbed the wide Ikea Alex to shift my polishes into tomorrow.  It seems way sturdier and can fit way more than my Helmer.  It also looks like real furniture instead on a filing cabinet.  I will put up pics tomorrow after Warren kindly assembles it for me.  I have lots of polish goodies that came today that I can't wait to swatch.  I have my first Ginger & Liz polishes, Kleancolor Chunky Holos (even though one shattered and they are effectively a statue of polish for now), China Glaze 2nite and Deborah Lippmann GITA (YAYYY).   Expect reviews and tons of pics soon. 

Tonight I am showing you another Julep and OPI Shatter combo that I love almost as much as Julep Helena and OPI Turquoise Shatter.  This is Julep Amy with Navy Shatter.  I will spare you a full on explanation about the brands and polishes since I went through most of it yesterday for you.  (See that post here).  I included an image of the Julep brush so you could see how small it is!

2 coats Amy + Seche Vite, artificial light
Amy is a dusty light blue creme.  Just like Helena it was a dream to apply and it is naturally super shiny.  It is totally opaque in 2 quick coats and a pretty unique looking blue IMO.  I think it looks like it should be part of the OPI Pirates collection.  It has that faded dusty creme thing going like Planks A Lot and Steady As She Rose do.  Basically if they had added a blue, it could have or should have been this one.  Below are 2 more bottle shots and if you bear with me to the end I have a shatter shot!
Julep Amy

Teeny weeny but great brush
I topped this mani off with OPI Navy Shatter.  While Blue and Turquoise are shimmery shatter polishes, this is a jelly (om nom nom).  It painted on really smoothly and I loved how the brush seemed to fit my nail perfectly to cover in 2 smooth swipes.  Amy peaks out just the right amount to give a really subtle but beautiful shatter mani.  Another A+ shatter from OPI!
2 coats Amy + 1 coat Navy Shatter + Seche Vite, artificial light
Verdict?  Maybe I should stop including a verdict since I am going to keep everything I don't despise . . . Stashing both for sure!

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