Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glitter Gal: Black

Hey guys!  Just a quick morning post to start off Sunday right (aka w/ some nail polish).  I almost feel like a cheater showing you this now, as my boyfriend recently gave me my HUGEST lemming ever, My Private Jet in it's original holographic beauty.  Just before this magical event I snagged Glitter Gal's Holographic Black.  It's no MPJ but it certainly does a good job and is on the same level as Color Club Revvvolution.  There is just something so striking about a black/brown/charcoaly holographic polish.  These tend to have a linear holo, but it seems to be formed via scattered holo glitter.  I always think of polishes like Nubar Reclaim, GOSH Holographic, and the Nfu Oh Holos as true linear holographics.  You can't actually see any individual glitter there, just a rainbow reflection.  Here you see the glitter specks but they form a linear shaped holo still.  Maybe some of you know what I mean.

2 coats Black, no top coat, artificial light w/flash
I started you guys off with a blow up of my pinky finger (ignore that bizarre gap shape along the cuticle) using flash so you could see what I mean.  I seem to fail at capturing the dark holos without flash, but I never get to mess around in sunlight.  These are 3 Free and slightly smaller than the average .5 oz polishes.  As I mentioned in my last review they are pricey and come with some serious international shipping charges.  I had to give into this craving.  This one is worth it, as it covers smoothly in 2 coats and packs a lot of shine as a normal polish, especially for a holographic.  They normally lean more matte with the holo shining out rather than the actual polish's finish.
2 coats Black, no top coat, artificial light
MPJ will be up here soon, but I need to catch it in the daylight before I let it make it's appearance. 
2 coats Black, no top coat, artificial light w/ flash
Hopefully I'll get another post up tonight.  I have a bunch of swatches I want to work on later :)

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  1. You're boyfriend is a keeper. What a guy! Can't wait to see MPJ.

  2. Oh My God! This is fantastic! Love your closeup thumbnail photo!
    Am now following your blog :)

  3. A Polished Touch ~ He is def a keeper...I need to reapply MPJ because I need to get it in the light! I'm thinking a comparison of MPJ, Revvvolution and Glitter Gal. Thanks for reading!

    StineN ~ Thanks! I love the close ups on holo polishes and stare at those pics for way too long. Thanks for following!