Sunday, June 12, 2011

Essie Chinchilly + Nubar 2010 = LOVE

Happy Sunday fellow polish fiends!!

Today I have for you a match made in work-appropriate-polish heaven: Essie Chinchilly topped with Nubar 2010. As Eisenbrat mentioned a while back, Essie Chinchilly is the absolute perfect mauve-brown-gray concoction. It applies like a jelly creme and has great coverage after two average coats. On its own, it is spectacular. But I've had a pretty great weekend, and wasn't prepared to rock just an opaque solid polish. I had to add a little something.

1 coat OPI Natural Nail Base Coat + 2 coats Essie Chinchilly + 2 coats Nubar 2010 + 1 coat Seche Vite, natural light

Nubar 2010 is the "something" that everything needs. If you don't have a bottle, GRAB ONE! This bottle is well worth the $7.49 on their website. This polish is a clear with iridescent glittery flakes. Depending on the lighting, the flakes take on different colors - anywhere from orange, to pink, to gold and even a metallic green. They are unreal. You can throw on as many coats as your polish-loving heart desires over just about any polish and it turns your mani up about 10 notches. But as fabulously sparkly as it is, there is also a modesty to Nubar 2010. It is discrete enough that it can be worn in chambers or any office environment.

Also, because you are my extended family - I had to share with you the exciting news about MY family! About a month ago, my beau and I planted some marigold seeds. And finally - after a ton of TLC (well, I forgot to water a few times but can you blame me? I'm a busy gal!) - our FIRST bud bloomed!!!!!!! So below is a picture =)

What do you think?? (About the polish and the plant!) I can't wait to buy some more pots and fill them with other flowers - any advice on some low-maintenance flowers?

Sony T

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