Monday, June 13, 2011

Ginger & Liz: Swagger

Good morning!  I'm in a really chipper mood for a Monday!  I think a productive weekend has that effect on me :)  I even went to the gym - it's a miracle.  I think I need to go back today because I seriously love this "high."  Anyways, today I have another new to me polish brand, Ginger & Liz.  This is "Swagger."  How great is the name?  I was most excited about this one out of the four I purchased.  They came in a nifty plastic bag package that has a really cool blurb about the polish printed on the back.  Ginger & Liz polishes are 3 Free, vegan and animal cruelty free.  They have INCREDIBLE brushes.  They boast near 400 brush strands and offer a gripable top that feels like the ones on Orly bottles.  They are rectangular prism bottles that are easy to hold (Think Essie bottle).

2 coats Swagger + Seche Vite, artificial light
Swagger is a bronze-ish foil and I am now obsessed with.  It was incredibly easy to apply.  Every brand needs this incredible formula and brush.  This was perfectly opaque in 2 coats, but it didn't look that different between the first coat and second coat.  I just applied both out of habit.  As a heads up these will be available on Hautelook this week!  I'm not sure what kind of a discount this entails, or what the selection will be, but for those of us that are feeling the finance squeeze at the moment this is a great thing.
great bottle
I can't wait to try out my other 3 polishes!

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