Thursday, June 2, 2011

Essie: Pretty Edgy

Sorry for the hiatus (if any of you have noticed, that is). I was in Dewey Beach, DE for the weekend and it took awhile to recover. Growing up 10 minutes from a beach, it baffles me that people here in DC drive almost 3 hours to go to the beach. NO BUENO.

It's not secret that I love Essie. I've never owned this color before because I would just borrow my sister's. But I saw it on the recent Ulta spree and had to have a bottle of my own. It's the PERFECT shade of green. I'd even go so far as to say it can be worn all year round.

[Beauty, even in the bottle!]

As with most Essie's, it reached opacity with 2 smooth coats.

[Blurry, sorry. 2 coats Essie Pretty Edgy, no topcoat]

[Same thing, less blurry]

[Closer shot]

Verdict: Obviously, stash. I love this color and formula!

Bonus: Since Shbecky posted a picture of her cat, here is the lovely Romeo, doing his WTF face.

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