Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Try w/Konad Plate m57

I'm home sick today with an evil sore throat, so I thought I'd give konading a try.  I kept Cult Nails Devious Nature on for 2.5 days 50% out of love for the polish and 50% because I felt too blah to switch my polish (that's how you know when I really don't feel well).  I am happy to report that I had little to no wear or chipping after that time.  Anywho, I recently acquired a stamper and a few Konad plates from BornPretty (*I'll be giving them a little write up soon!).  When they first arrived I gave it a quick try with no success.  After watching a tutorial I roughed up the stamper with a buffer and practiced on a notepad.
Devious Nature topped with fishnet stamp in Zoya Dove + Seche Vite
 I was having limited success on the notepad, so eventually I turned to my nail to see if that would work better.  I swapped out the metal scraper for an old credit card and some thicker polishes and I am pretty happy with the results.  I definitely need to find out which polishes work well since I don't have the special Konad polish.  Some stamps worked better than others, but I figured I'd show you all of results!
Devious Nature w/ flower stamp in Butter London Blagger + Seche Vite

Devious Nature stamped with Zoya Caitlin + Seche Vite
 Zoya Caitlin was way too light against Devious Nature :(

Devious Nature stamped with animal print in Butter London Blagger + Seche Vite
 Here I didn't push down evenly.  The whole nail stamps are much more difficult for a newbie.
All of the practice stamps!
Verdict? I need more practice, but I don't think it's totally beyond my ability.  Any tips for me??

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  1. I'm gonna try your tip on roughing up the stamp with a buffer...I find that mine wont pick up the polish well.

  2. I just got the special stamping polish, that may help too. I need to step up my konad game ASAP.