Saturday, June 4, 2011

Butter London: Blagger

Good morning!  I'm currently in Raleigh, NC for one of my boyfriend's friend's wedding.  We got to town last night and went to a really lovely rehearsal dinner where I got to meet all of his friends from college.  Everyone is really great so far.  I wish I hadn't left my crazy bright crackle manicure on, as everyone was rocking naked nails or a french manicure and I felt a little out of place.  I'm planning on switching to the lovely Butter London: Blagger for the wedding tonight.  It's bright, but not so crazy.  I swatched it the other day and I'm in love.  I've decided that blue polish is the polar opposite to yellow polish.  Yellows tend to have terrible formulas while blues end up being incredible.  It looks a little like BTOUCH's Bet on This Blue (See my post on that here).
2 coats Blagger + Zoya Armor Top Coat, artificial light
Butter London polishes are 3 Free and come in the rectangular prism bottle with a top that pops off to reveal a small ribbed top.  It always seems small until I actually use it and realize it's not an issue at all.  This didn't have the little royal bird embossed on the end of the ribbed top like my other Butter Londons and I'm not sure why.  Blagger is a beautiful bright blue creme and opaque in 2 dreamy coats.

Verdict?  If you like blues, you need this polish.  It is an essential Butter London like Macbeth.  I'll clearly be keeping this one :)

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