Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The gobstopper is back/Purple eggs

Hey there, blogosphere!  I know it's been forever since I managed to write a post.  I still paint my nails....a lot.  The rate at which I acquire new polishes, however, has seriously slowed.  I have missed this whole thing a lot, but it just started to take time that I haven't had.  Law school has this obnoxious habit of taking up all of my time and mental power.  Lately I've been thinking about getting back into blogging and today I finally got the push I needed.  Anyone who knows me knows that I obsessively read an insane number of blogs in Google Reader when I have a free moment.  Today I was reading a post by Maegan from the awesome blog, . . . love Maegan, when I noticed her tutorial today was for a mani that reminds me of my Confused Gobstopper mani from way back when.

So, I did what any procrastinating 3L/nail polish fiend would do, and I painted my nails.  I went a little brighter this time, and instead of 4 layers, I stuck with 3.  These polishes all required 2 coats for full opacity, so I wanted to make sure it would dry during this century.  I like how the colors look together, but I do wish I had layered them in a different order.  My nails remind me of fried eggs with a ring of purple around the yolk.  It's alright - I love fried eggs.
Gobstopper + Seche Vite, Artificial Light
I used Pure Ice (no idea where it came from) in Superstar! for the white base.  It was opaque in 2, easy-to-apply coats.  It's actually a pretty awesome white.  The light purple and yellow are surprisingly GAP nail polishes that I got on sale on a trip back to Pennsylvania last year.  The purple is called "Lilac," and the yolk-y yellow (since yolk-y is a word now) is "Dandelion."  Both had really nice formulas.  It is so hard to find a nice yellow polish, so I was shocked to find such an awesome one from GAP of all places.  I'll have to take shots of Lilac and Dandelion solo at some point, but a yellow that smoothly covers purple in 2 easy coats is great in my book!  I did get a shot of Superstar! solo (below).  Without topcoat or flash it looks like white out, but anyone who tried painting their nails with white out as a kid, like me, discovered it didn't come out nearly this evenly.
2 coats Pure Ice Superstar!, no topcoat, artificial light
Enough rambling.  I'll try to pop in on a regular basis with nail polish updates and posts.  Maybe even a tutorial?  Thanks to everyone out there who still follows Legally Lacquered!


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