Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exam Week Cheer: NailVenturous Sunny Floam!

Hey guys!  I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, but it's that time of the semester again where every second you procrastinated catches up to you - yup, exam time.  I sort of went MIA before then, because my nails started snapping.  I wouldn't even say breaking.  They have been generally strong and all of a sudden I am getting cracks that go at least half way across the middle of a random nail.  They are all currently at least normal length (knock on wood).  Anyway, I was one of the lucky folks who managed to snag a bottle of NailVenturous Sunny Floam during the split second the shop was open.  I missed the big NinjaPolish sale because I was too distracted, or focused I guess, on school.

Sunny Floam over RBL IKB, Gelous topcoat, natural light

Sunny Floam is equally as awesome looking in the same way that it's predecessor was.  I LOVE non-sparkly glitter polishes.   I think they need a new name for this genre of polishes.  Glitter definitely sparkles and this does not.  Hoe about dense speckled polishes?  This contains almost neon yellow and bright blue, densely packed, tiny speckles.  I didn't realize how densely suspended the speckles were, so I treated it more like Hungry Asian's Sneeze Breeze (see more about that here).  I was also eager to try RBL IKB:2012, which came during my hiatus.  IKB is not quite what I expected and I will swatch that after exams end this Friday with more explanation.  I probably could have skipped it, or I should have used a closer matched color.  It was a little too hard for me to get Sunny Floam neatly out to the edges of IKB.  I guess I know for next time.  To get a relatively even application, I had to tap the second coat over the first where it was most sparse.  If you want to get total coverage you will need 3 coats I suspect.  The good news is the polish is so fantastic looking that in real life you don't really notice the areas that aren't perfectly covered.  I used a coat of Gelous to protect the mani, but Sunny Floam sucked it all up.  I keep running my finger over my nails when I'm bored.  I do need to make a disclaimer.  My skin is not that orange! I wanted to make the nail most color accurate and I am not talented enough with photo editing to only fix the "off" areas.

In closing I have a quick question for you.  I took pictures out on my deck, where I get indirect sun.  The pictures are so much better, but I don't have any white-washed area to take pictures in front of.  Instead, I used the safari themed pillow I have out there.  Does that bother you?  I know a lot of bloggers are very insistent that backgrounds be white.  Let me know your thoughts!

Sunny Floam is available for purchase through the NailVenturous Etsy shop.  She's "on vacation" for a while, but you can sign up for notifications.  RBL IKB:2012 is unfortunately sold out at the moment, but I have seen it on evil-bay.  I'd recommend checking back on the site if you are interested, because the polishes are expensive to begin with ($20).  



  1. It looks lovely on you!!!! Thanks for featuring my polish on your blog!