Sunday, April 1, 2012

Now this is what I call sorbet! Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Sorbet and Sea

Hey guys!  Long time, no blog?  I have been painting my nails and I have been taking pictures . . . sometimes, but for some reason the time slot I set to actually edit pictures and write a post just turns into  me looking for inspiration for my next manicure and the occasional bout of binge shopping.  I need this posting sesh right about now, because I have a final take-home exam due on Tuesday AND the final draft of my journal draft due Thursday night.  Usually I'd at least pretend to budget my time and work on one in advance, but I really only had a week between receiving my exam and the due date, and didn't receive comments on my note to get going on my draft until the night before that.  I'll get it done, cuz that's how I roll, but I'd rather be watching some fun tv, enjoying the weather, shopping, painting my nails and - wait - did I mention shopping?

Sally Hansen Sorbet and Sea (3 coats), topcoat, artificial light

Anyway, if you can remember a few weeks ago, I was obsessing over the coral and mint trend.  It has quickly gone from hard to find, to EVERYWHERE I look.  Even Sally Hansen got in on things with her new Smooth & Perfect collection which contains 8 lovely pastel shades.  One of our lovely readers recommended these and I was actually already wearing the exact shade she mentioned!  Great minds think alike.  I'm pretty sure they are 4 Free but that list of ingredients is mighty long.  I didn't read anything about these when I bought them, or even realize that they were new, but I did notice that they have a very unique texture.  They are definitely some sort of jelly/creme hybrid.  I've used that in the past to describe Zoya and Essie polishes, but this description seems even more true with these.  I think it's pretty funny that the coral shade is called "sorbet."  Does anyone remember the OPI Texas collection releasing the sorbet finish, which was actually just a straight up juicy jelly finish?  I think the name sorbet should refer to this squooshy pastel-ness.  According to the Sally Hansen site this is some new technology that allows more oxygen to your nail that it might "breathe" better.  Whatever it is, I like it a lot.

For this mani I used Sorbet, a light coral, for the majority of the mani and then did an accent nail with the pastel mint green color, Sea.  The formula on each was great and I really like the flat rounded brush that they include.  It takes 3 coats for opacity and they dry to a satin finish (even though I've seen some say it dried shiny?).  I used a coat of So Wet topcoat over these and liked the semi-gloss finish I ended up with.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  Good luck with Monday!



  1. I have "Fog" from this collection (a very light grey) and I like it a lot. I really want to get Sorbet too, it is definitely part of my list. I love the brush as well, it really helps applying the polish without making too much mess. Great swatch!

  2. Thanks! Maybe I "need" all of them. I keep wanting to describe the finish as fluffy like a cloud but that will make people think something completely different.

    1. I see what you mean though! They are totally cloud-ish... I think this finish goes very well with the pastel tones :)