Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Layla Ultra Violet Holographic

Hey everyone!  I hope you enjoyed hearing from SonyT again!  We were on Spring Break last week and I was back home in Philadelphia helping to help my mom out with my much younger sister who has been struggling with her health lately.  We did remarkably little painting of nails compared to my typical visits, and I have barely any internet connection in my bedroom, so I just didn't bother trying to put together any posts.  I am not too upset that I am back in classes again because the weather is INSANELY nice.  It was nearly 80 today here in DC and I spent my break out on the law school deck "working" (and staring at the crazy holo nails I am about to show you).  The weather even cheered me up enough to start working out again.  I started P90x yesterday and holy cow am I sore.  I hope you all have gotten a taste of spring/summer as well.  Back to nail polish now I swear. 

3 coats Layla Ultra Violet, no topcoat, natural light

I have been seeing a lot of the Layla Holographics swatches floating around lately and I was so impressed that I had to have one.  All the posts said they were available on Aveyou.com, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to get them that way.  They seem to be waiting for a release date still, which is odd.  I finally found these on evil-bay and this gem was waiting for me when I got back from Philly.  I have always wanted a brand to make a holo line that was formulated more like GOSH holographic than the glitter gal polishes.  Don't get me wrong, I love the glitter gal polishes, but they aren't the same level of intense linear holo as GOSH.  Layla has finally filled the void!  Ultra Violet is a pinkish violet linear holo.  If you grab these make sure you grab the buffer that they direct you to use first in place of a base coat.  Though I am not convinced that it did anything, you should at least know before you buy that they direct you to use it.  This actually applied very smoothly.  I didn't have the dragging issues that GOSH and NFU Oh are plagued by.  You definitely need 3 coats for opacity. It dries super fast, and doesn't want a topcoat ruining the holo effect.   If you can believe it, this baby is actually even more holo in person.  My deck still doesn't have direct sun so this is just a shade shot.  Not bad though!  Sadly these chalky holos still come off super fast.  I applied this last night and had to touch up my mani this morning before snapping a pic.  The good news is that this is gorgeous and it is self evening.  If you need to touch up the tips you can simply blot some on the tips of your nails only and it will blend in perfectly.  Win!  I seriously love this holo and have already put in an order for a few more. 

I hope you like it!



  1. aaaaahhhh seeing all these holo swatches are driving me crazy and I think I'm gonna have to get one too!! *blushes*

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