Friday, March 2, 2012

The New Black: Horizon

Hey guys!  Sorry for the hiatus.  It actually was really not my intention to disappear, but I have been man-down with the flu all week.  I'm heading to Philly with the bf tonight and we're going to stop at a doctor to make sure I don't have something that antibiotics could help with.  I'm feeling more alive now, but my throat is ON FIRE.   Today's mani breaks from the coral and mints that I had collected to show you, but I had been wanting to show one of these to you all ever since I stumbled upon them.  This is one of The New Black's ombre mani kits.  They seem to be popping up with more and more vendors, but I grabbed these from  The kits are meant for lazy people like me, and people who don't have a big enough collection (not m) or the patience to match p the appropriate colors for a good ombre mani. 

The New Black: Horizon with topcoat, artificial light.

I have to say I am a bit disappointed.  The polishes are nice and all, but they could match so much better.  The darkest color is really pretty.  It's a navy blue creme with royal blue shimmer.  Then there is a blue/purple frost.  The third is a lighter, washed out version of the same polish.   The fourth is periwinkle leaning blue pastel creme polish.  It's actually a one-coater.  The last polish should be a lighter blue pastel, but it's actually just a white creme.  I really think the polishes should be matching in finish or at least evenly split.  It's weird how there are 2 cremes, 2 frosts and a creme with shimmer.  They should at least be spread out in finish instead of right next to each other.   The way they have it sort of defeats the purpose.  I could always come up with random finish, different leaning blues to do an ombre mani, but the finishes or base colors would be slightly off.   The formulas were kind of "meh."  Nothing fantastic, but nothing terrible.  I also purchased the pink version of this and that might be better. 

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