Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mint and Coral Trend Week: BTOUCH Teal Palace

As I mentioned yesterday I am big on this new trend of coral and mint.  I've decided to make a week f it and show you the polishes from my stash that are on point.  This is BTOUCH Teal Palace.  I have only ever seen this brand in nail salons and it is possible that they are made custom for salons.  Anyways if you check out a few salons in your area I bet you can find them.  Teal Palace is a bright mint green creme that borders on pastel.  It has the formula issues of a pastel.  The first coat is patchy and streaky, but it evens out on the second coat.  I think this is a bit brighter than this Spring's mint green, but I like it all the same.
2 coats Sea Palace, no topcoat, artificial light
Definitely still not what I'm looking for for the mint/coral nail art I want to do, but a good spring color for sure.  Enjoy!


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