Sunday, March 4, 2012

Julep Anne & Hungry Asian Mumbling

Hello world!! Man... it has been AGES since I have posted on here. Luckily, Shbecky's dedication to Legally Lacquered (and her polish addiction) has kept the blog afloat.

Just yesterday though, I got a couple of polish shipments in the mail and had to post my NOTD. I have been hearing great things about Julep Anne for so long now - highly pigmented vibrant purple. It is about time that I snagged my own bottle. I did note, from other bloggers, that the formula on this polish was not great. Boy were they right. My first coat of Anne was a complete disaster. The polish was thick and clumpy. I had high hopes that the second coat would even it out - especially since I added some thinner to the polish - but I was wrong. It was still a thick, uneven mess. The color is certainly brilliant, but I couldn't leave the disaster on my nails. It would drive me nuts!! So I added Hungry Asian's Mumbling - a decadent mix of gold and silver holographic hex glitter in small, medium and large. When I tell you that Mumbling is to die for, I mean it. We all have those polishes that are literally show stoppers. You can't help but stare at your own nails every time the light hits them. Mumbling is that polish.

1 coat Orly Bonder + 2 coats Julep Anne + 1 coat Seche Vite + 1 coat Hungry Asian Mumbling + 1 coats Seche Vite

Blurry picture that does NOT do the holo-ness of Mumbling justice!

I SO wish I had a picture of my mani for you before I added the Mumbling so you could see the Julep Anne disaster. The color is really brilliant, so I can't blame you for snagging a bottle. I just expected more from a polish that is on the pricey end. And I know everyone has their personal take on Julep bottles but I have to admit - not a fan. Because the brush is submerged in the bottle, you have to wipe off access every time you dip it in. Not to mention, you can't really set this bottle on the table while you paint your nails (at least I can't cause I don't trust myself not to knock it down). Makes the whole process a struggle. I bought a couple of other Juleps during my binge - so hopefully they won't be a disappointment formula wise. With regards to Mumbling - loved the bottle and the brush just as much as the polish itself. OBSESSED!

You can buy Julep from their website and Kae from Hungry Asian sells her fabulous handmade polishes on Etsy. She is also just an incredibly sweet girl and loves what she does - which is always a plus in my book.

Anywhoooo I am off to work on my note (aka. ginormous paper) for my journal. Not a fun process, as you can imagine. Especially when I am on Spring Break! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends and I hope to be a bit more regular with the blogging =)

Peace, love, and polish galoreee
Sony T

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