Thursday, January 5, 2012

Remember when I was a blogger?

Honestly I am not certain whether anyone will even see this at this point.  I have been MIA without explanation since September.  Oy.  Each semester I pretend that school will not suck the life out of me, but as soon as classes hit and I remember that I am painfully slow at completing my assignments the happy little parts of my life slowly disappear.  I am relatively certain that the same goes for Sonia.  She was far more studious this past semester.  I admit that I took on too much.  I had a lot of random stuff on my plate that I wasn't getting credit for.  Next semester, however, I have simplified things.  I am taking fewer credits, and not interning.  Recently I have been asked by a ton of random people why I am not blogging anymore, and enough people suggested that I start again that I started to think about how happy this once made me.  So - here goes nothing.  I won't be blogging every day.  I have no idea how often I will post and won't make any promises this time.

2 coats Admiral Perry, no top coat, artificial light
To restart things off right, I have the other polish I got back at Duane Reade in NYC.  This polish actually remained in its box until a few days ago.  Admiral Perry by Nailtini is a deep blue creme polish.  It's so dark that it is almost a navy, but as you can seen from this picture in the light it looks way too light.  Admiral Perry is a limited edition polish by Janie Bryant.  I can't figure out if these are 3 Free of 4 Free, but honestly I would guess they are.  This was almost opaque in one coat, but I gave it 2 for good measure.  It went on smoothly though you wouldn't know it from these pictures.  My nails are in miserable shape due to a momentary lapse in judgment that lead to a gel manicure.  My nails insist on tearing in painfully low down places (see my middle finger).  Just know that the polish is not at fault.  I have had this on for 3 days with no chips and will need to get some more of these!    Until next time - whenever that may be.



  1. I can totally relate! I'm a college student right now and I have a job where I work 12 hours a week...blogging gets away from me! Don't feel bad at all =] Pretty shade too!

  2. We all find life getting on top of us, so you're not alone! If you post it, we'll read it! ^_^

    Oh, and that's a very pretty blue polish!