Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Butter London: Black Knight

YAY! Another post and it hasn't been 3 months since my last!  The semester has officially kicked off and I've had each of my new classes at least once.  So far, so good.  I've opted to take one class credit/no credit and I think I stand a better chance at succeeding this semester.  Even without blogging I did not do as well as I would have hope last semester.  I've decided to be optimistic/altruistic about this and see it as an opportunity to prove myself.  I've got nowhere to go but up, so here goes nothing.

I know you few straggling followers don't sign on to read my legal chronicles, so here is some polish for you all!  Tonight I have Butter London Black Knight that was released as part of their winter collection.  It is a highly pigmented black creme polish packed with fine glitter in red, blue and pink.  Upon closer inspection there may be some ultra fine silver glitter hiding as well.
2 coats Black Night + 1 coat Poshe top coat, artificial light
Formula-wise I found this pretty thick (almost goopy) but still easy to apply.  I think the density of the black pigment and glitter causes this.  However, it may not have been so thick initially.  I used this once before and don't remember it being so glue-like.  Regardless, it didn't bother me.  Like all Butter London polishes, this is 3 Free and comes in the signature bottle.  Besides how unique and pretty this polish is, the only other thing worth noting is that this is a topcoat eater.  You can kind of tell from the picture, but the finish is bumpy.  If you wanted to add more coats of topcoat you may have a smoother result, but the finish didn't bother me so I left it.  In fact, I actually like touching the surface of the polish in class.

This polish is still available form a variety of vendors including Zappos and Amazon.

Did anyone else find this polish thick??  Are any of you back to school?



  1. Hello, i like your blog and want to give you the Cute blog award! Elena.

  2. Elena, Thanks so much! As soon as I get some time I will pass it along!