Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pop Nail Polish Twenty Four Mandarin

Hey guys!  Two days on a row?  Yea - I'm on a roll.  I probably won't be able to post tomorrow, because I have class beginning at 7:45 AM and I don't finish until near 5:00 pm.  The killer is that I barely get any breaks in there.  Holy law school!  As promised I have a polish from my NYC haul to share with you tonight.  While I don't want to live in NYC (soooo many people) I would like to bring myself a personal Duane Reade to shop in.  You crazy kids up there are so lucky.  It's such an upscale drug store.  It's clean, they had produce, and they had high-ish end polishes that I can't get around these parts.
3 coats Twenty Four Mandarin, top coat, artificial light

Anywho, tonight's polish is from Pop Nail Polish.  I know you can get these online, but there's definitely a certain something nice about buying a polish you can see in person.  This is Twenty Four Mandarin.  It's a 3 Free searing orange neon polish.  Just like most neons, this dries to a satin finish.  I added top coat, because I wasn't a huge fan of this without full shine.  The formula was also pretty decent - though not necessarily as great as I'd like from a polish that costs over $10.  The polish was pooling around my cuticles a bit, and I had trouble keeping the polish off my fingertips.  This may be because my nails are currently in nubbin form.  I tore a few of them recently :(  Oh well.  They'll grow back.  I really like this color so I'm going to hang on to it, but I'm curious if other polishes from this brand have better formulas?  Perhaps the non-neons?  Let me know!

'Til next time ~



  1. Oooooh, love this yellow! My skin is too fair to pull of yellow manis, but I did rock a few pedis this summer. What year in school are you? I just started my 3rd... actually in the library right now! haha.

  2. That's a bright polish!