Friday, January 20, 2012

On A Roll: Glitter Gal Silver and 10 to Midnight w/ a side of failed striping

Happy Friday!  Now that I have no class Fridays AND no work I am really appreciating 3 day weekends.  I have TONS of work to do, but would much rather blog.  I even cleaned my apartment to procrastinate.  Oh well, at least I am doing something.  As you saw yesterday, some chips in my mani provoked me to paint my nails AGAIN.  I was looking at my pinterest (follow me here) where I post some of my favorite manis, and was reminded of a look that I did for my sisters and cousin this past summer.  I then realized that I never did it for myself.  I didn't want to copy the Butter London Wallis/RGB Slate combo I did before because I am always inclined to use something I haven't posted before.

Glitter Gal Silver/10 to Midnight w/ Orly striping and Posh topcoat, artificial light

I settled on Glitter Gal Silver and 10 to Midnight.   Silver is a silver linear holographic polish.  It's a bit weaker than Gosh Holographic and Nfu Oh 61, but I like having something a little more subtle to wear when I'm not trying to throw my crazy nails in people's faces.  I needed 3 coats for opacity purposes, but it dries really quickly and is easy formula-wise.  I used Silver all over the nail and then free-handed the top half of each nail with Glitter Gal's newest linear holo, 10 to Midnight.  10 to Midnight is a charcoal linear holo. 

Trying to get some rainbow!
Though you can't see it much in these photos (the sun is nowhere to be found), this bears a striking resemblance to OPI My Private Jet in all of its original formula glory.  The linear holo effect may even be stronger in 10 to Midnight.  For all of the people who aren't as luck as I am to have the original My Private Jet, you should DEFINITELY grab this from Llarowe.  She restocks frequently and is my absolute favorite polish vendor to buy from!  The formula on this was flawless as well, and it only took one layer to get solid color!

I wish I had left the striping out :( .  It ended up being an obnoxious disaster.  I think I need to replace my Orly nail art polishes.  I could not for the life of me get solid lines in one coat, which I never had issues with in the past with these exact nail art polishes.  I ended up having to go over my lines more than once which led to uneven lines.  To top it off my So Wet topcoat kept smudging the black even 20 minutes later.  It took a few rounds of fixing it to realize it was an issue with that particular topcoat.  I switched to Poshe and had no more issues with the black dragging.  I still love how this looks from afar, but up close.....meh. What are your favorite striping polishes?

Anyone else love Llarowe as much as I do??

Happy Weekend!

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