Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Loreal VIP Status

Hey guys!  Is it really only Tuesday? UGH!  This week is full of random deadlines for me and I suspect the week will only get slower and slower feeling.  Yesterday the weather was terrible with rain and near freezing temperatures.  To cheer up I stopped by CVS on my way back from class, because Miss Natalie from Miss Natty's Beauty Diary was kind enough to tell us that all Milani products were 75% off!  When I got there the products weren't marked at all, but when I checked out everything was dirt cheap!  Nothing like a good sale to perk you up.  While I was there I swung by the Loreal polish stand to see if they had a dusty teal polish that is always sold out.  No such luck, but I did grab this polish, VIP Status.

2 coats Loreal VIP Status, So Wet topcoat, artificial light

In the bottle, this looked like it was going to be a duochrome.  In the picture you can see the purple showing up a bit.  On the nail not so much.  VIP Status is  a gunmetal grey creme that has frosty finish.  It isn't streaky like most frosts, but it isn't super frosty either.  I can't find any details about the brand being 3 Free, but I can't imagine a big name like Loreal wouldn't be.  The formula on this is excellent.  It seemed to be opaque in one coat, but I added a second to make sure light wouldn't shine through in the daylight.  It's definitely a wintery color.  Today the weather is beautiful and sunny and I wish I had something a bit brighter on my nails.  Maybe I'll spruce it up with a flakey??

I'll update with what I do!


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  1. I thought it was a duochrome too.. but the longer I walked around the store with it. I ended up putting it back, cuz I had something similar, I figure I would catch the new loreal on clearance, you know how CVS does :)