Thursday, January 26, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Riche Jet Set to Paris and Club Prive

Hey there chickadees! I hope you have had a lovely week.  We had a few nice days, but the weather has gotten a bit gross again.  I'm crossing my fingers that the rain holds off tonight because I'm heading out with my lovely girl Nicole.  Before I get to the polish aspect of today's post I want to take a second to express myself on a polish-related issue that seems to be occurring on the interwebs.  I promise there is a great polish to be seen below!  As some may have gathered, I am a big fan of the online shop Llarowe.  I began purchasing polish from Leah Ann when she was getting her start on Ebay and her business has since sprouted into an independent shop featuring international and indie polish brands that are either impossible to get or shipping costs so much that you can't begin to justify it.  She recently started holding sales for Lynnderella's incredible franken polishes.  She is now moving massive amounts of polish and does it all because she is a polish lover like us and wants to make it easier for us to get our hands on these polishes.  This week she was trying to set up an email order system that would allow the most people to get the polishes they wanted without having to stalk the site obsessively (we've all done it).  When she ran into technical difficulties it seems that some customers began bombarding her with complaints as well as mean and angry messages.  I know not many of you will read this, but for those who do you need to be more respectful and behave like polite adults.  This woman works her butt off to make life easier for us and none of us has any right to complain  You may be frustrated but rather than complain and make hurtful comments, be patient or see how difficult it is to get these polishes without someone like Leah Ann.  Part of what drew me into the polish blogosphere was the awesome and kind people I encountered.  Let's try to keep the community a positive place to be and show our appreciation to those who deserve it so much!  We love you Leah Ann!  OK I'm done now.

2 coats Jet Set to Paris with an accent nail of Club Prive + So Wet topcoat, artificial light

Time for polish!  I finally found the L'Oreal Colour Riche shade that I kept checking for at CVS.  Target had tons!  Jet Set to Paris is featured in one of the displays at CVS and I wanted it so badly.  While I was there Club Prive also caught my eye so I grabbed it too.  I couldn't wait to try both of them, so I settled for an accent nail.  This new line of L'Oreal polishes advertises that it lasts 10 days BUT you have to use their base and top coat.  No way I am wearing a polish for 10 days and buying the base and top coat.  I could buy 2 more colors with that money!  I've done some digging and I am pretty sure these are 4 Free.   Jet Set to Paris is a dusty medium blue creme that almost looks like a blurple.  The formula is a dream and this was opaque in 2 effortless coats.  Club Prive is a mint creme that I want to call a pastel.  The polish is a bit patchy on the first coat, which is typical of a pastel.  However, this evens out on the second coat far easier than most pastel polishes.  This was only 2 coats!  I really love both polishes and would highly recommend them!  While I can't speak for the long-lasting claims, these are high shine, no hassle polishes.  Check it out guys!



  1. I don't agree with harassing a business but Leah Ann is NOT doing us a favor. She is running a business and making a profit. Do not blur the line between and make her sound like a martyr.

  2. ~Alison~ Of course she makes a profit! Doing us a favor and running a business for profit don't have to be mutually exclusive. I simply think people should appreciate that she is trying to make us happy! I don't think she is martyr, but she doesn't deserve to receive hate mail. I apologize if my words were taken the wrong way! I simply meant to encourage people to be nicer and appreciate the effort that she is putting into this.

    1. Absolutely. It sickens me that people would harass her the way they have... people get absolutely crazy about polish or anything HTF, and the fact that she's the only source for Lynns. doesn't help.

      I hope people will behave like human beings sooner rather than later!