Thursday, January 12, 2012

China Glaze Electric Beat

I'mmmm baaackkk!  I officially have one full week of classes under my belt.  It feels pretty good!  The bf and I are headed to Boston tomorrow for a family event and to see one of my buddies from college.  I hate flying, but I can't wait.  Tonight I have a polish from China Glaze's spring collection "Electropop."  This is Electric Beat.  This polish reminds me of a the sky on a perfectly clear day.  It's a dusty light blue creme  that looks grey and purple in different lighting.
2 coats Electric Beat + So Wet top coat, artificial light
This had a great formula.  At first I thought it was too thick and it seemed to go on a bit unevenly.  However, this polish is self-evening.  It's almost like a holo polish.  No matter what you do to this it seems to fix itself.  It also stayed really nicely in place on the nail with no dripping.  In the picture it loos a little bit matted.  It isn't so obvious IRL, but this is from a new top coat I tried.  It was called "So Wet."  I will refrain from making any jokes.  It actually dries well and after 24 hrs it seems to be holding up well.  I do like the finish I think!  I normally use Poshe or Seche Vite, but both were sold out at Sally's so I improvised.    Has anyone else tried this top coat before??




  1. Lizzy~ Glad you agree! I rarely try out a polish and instantly want to wear it again days later. If I didn't have a ton of untrieds and barely any free time to change my polish up I would be wearing it at least once a week!