Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OPI Fly and Laquistry A Friggin Circus

Hey guys!  I hope you all got yesterday off like I did!  Of course I barely made a dent in my chores and didn't get much school work done, but I did try!  This weekend up in Boston was incredible.  My lovely youngest cousin, Hannah, did a fabulous job at her Bat-Mitzvah and threw an awesome party afterwards.  My family is big on dancing at family events and things got pretty silly at times.  It was also beyond incredible to see my buddy Kate from college.  I am terrible at staying in touch with long distance friends and we don't talk nearly enough considering how much I love her.  Fortunately every time we see each other it's like no time has passed.  Before I head of to school I thought I'd share the mani I did late last night. 

2 coats OPI Fly, Lacqustry A Friggin Circus accent, Poshe topcoat, artificial light

I recently acquired the new Nikki Minaj for OPI collection and was instantly drawn to Fly, a medium teal creme polish.  It's 4 Free like all new OPIs, and applied like a dream in 2 smooth coats.  Obviously my ring finger is sporting a different look.  I used 1.5 coats of Laquistry's A Friggin Circus.  A Friggin Circus is a dark blue jelly base packed with large rainbow hex glitter.  You can get this gem on Etsy!  The base in this is SUPER thick.  We're talking borderline putty here.  I think that must be the only way to suspend so much large glitter.  It needs a while to dry, but the glitter goes on pretty densely and evenly, so as long as you aim right with the first coat, you don't need to "sculpt" it much (if that makes any sense at all).  I think it gives a pretty awesome look for an accent nail and will be using it again to spice up my manis!

On an unrelated note, I have been thinking about doing Face of The Day (FOTD) posts.  My nail blog obsession has leaked into the makeup realm.  I am no pro, but I am certainly learning a lot and having fun.  Maybe this is weird...especially since I am notoriously awkward in pics.  Thoughts?  I am including today's look as a sample (if even one person likes it, I will post what I used later)

No teasing.

~ Shbecky

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