Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still experiencing technical difficulties

Hey everyone!  We have a brief spurt of internet at the moment, and of course I don't have any new photos I can show you at the moment.  I do have good reason, as I spent the last 24 hours removing my mother's and grandmother's gel nails.  I had limited supplies, and I can report that it was a difficult process for me.  I first used a file to rough up the surface of the gel.  Then I had them soak for 15 minutes in acetone and pushed back the gel with a metal file.  This left a rough residue on the nails, which I think is whatever the gel base coat was.  I used a buffer to smooth out the remaining gel and then coated with a Sally Hansen strengthening gel.  This left the nails smooth to the touch, but they still have little white marks from the base coat that wouldn't quite come off.  My overall impression is that gel is better than old school acrylic nails, but still best to avoid if you aren't planning on maintaining it.  It's expensive and an ordeal that leaves your nails in worse shape than before.  I will work on some more pictures for you guys in the morning.  Hopefully while I'm at the outlets I can grab a new exciting polish to review later.  If I'm lucky the internet will be working later and I can get something up as soon as tonight!


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