Thursday, August 11, 2011

Essie Lady Like

 Hey guys!  I may have enough internet to post right now - it's a miracle.  I return to DC Saturday morning, so internet won't prevent regularly scheduled posting any more.  Thanks for being patient with me.  I knew the internet would be spotty, but I didn't realize it wouldn't work at all most of the time.  Anyways, I told you that I went outlet shopping yesterday with my mother (jackpot!).  We stopped at CVS which is generally not that exciting since I live right next to one in DC.  Up here, however, CVS is an hour away.  Another big bonus is that polishes aren't so picked through.  I got all 4 of the Fall Essie's that drug stores carry.  I think that there are 2 others that will only be available in salons.  I'll get back to you on that one.

Today I have Lady Like for you.  Lady like is a dingy faded pink creme.  That sounds a bit gross, but it really isn't.  As usual I can't seem to capture the pink or edit it into the picture, so it looks like plain tan.  I promise it isn't, and there is actually a tan in the collection that looks entirely different from this.  It's impressive that this looks like mannequin hands in the picture, because IRL my skin and the polish are nothing alike.  I did snag a shot outside this AM, which looks a good deal better than the ones I got last night.  Natural lighting is my friend.
2 coats Lady LIke + Seche Vite, artificial light
2 coats Lady Like + Seche Vite, Natural Light

I'm normally not much of an Essie fiend, but I love the fall colors, including this one, and am excited by the upcoming winter collections!  While I find some Essie's too thick for my taste, this was spot on.  Lady Like is highly pigmented and almost completely opaque in one coat.  As an added bonus, the polish dried REALLY fast.  It's a keeper for me.  I will get pictures up of the remaining 3 ASAP, but I can tell you that the other 2 I have tried have great coloring, formula and are major wins.  I used them on my mother and aunt, so I still need to swatch!

To make up for the sporadic posting, I have another image of Charlie.  He has more energy than most other 1.5 year old Goldens (I know they ALL have a lot).  He also only behaves if he has a toy in his mouth.  TO burn off energy we have him play fetch off of our dock.  Originally he would run around to the shore and jump off a rock.  Now he just launches off the dock, managing to get about 6 feet away from the dock before crashing into a full on doggy flop.
Charlie "Chunk" diving off the dock after a ball
More fun photos to come!



  1. I love this color, suits you very well

  2. I just bought this color today! It reminds me of a color me and my friends used to wear as kids. Love it!