Thursday, August 25, 2011

China Glaze Ruby Pumps and an apology

Hey everyone!  Before I get to my exciting polish post, I would like to use this as a forum to apologize to someone very important, SonyT.  As you all recall, I was recently up in NH where I barely gotto post due to a lack of internet.  While I was up there I managed to miss her birthday.  I didn't call, text or post.  In fact I completely forgot.
Eisenbrat, me, and SonyT at my birthday party - she so purty
I love her dearly, but when it comes to birthdays I am a moron.  If facebook doesn't remind me, I am lucky that I remember what part of the year a birthday occurs during.  However, SonyT was incredible on my last birthday (see above photo), so I really feel like a pile o' poo over forgetting.  I know I can't change it now, but I wanted to apologize to SonyT in front of the world (or at least our 229 followers) for being terrible and failing to treat her birthday with the celebration/acknowledgement it deserve.  Happy belated birthday! 
2 coats Ruby Pumps, Nubar top coat, artificial light
Now to the polish.  Tonight I have China Glaze Ruby Pumps for you all.   This comes from the Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns Collection, Winter 2009.  It's 3 Free and comes in the standard China Glaze bottle, which I have accidentally left out of my photos.  Ruby Pumps is a blackened blood red base packed with blood red, fine glitter.  In the sunlight and in my lightbox, the blackened part doesn't really show so well, but you can see the contrast between the base color and the glitter!  I'm impressed that this hasn't joined the ranks of other HTF beautiful China Glaze polishes.  This is still available on amazon as well as from other vendors.  Application was just fine, and the polish was opaque in 2 coats.  My only qualm is that this is a top coat nommer (read "eater").  Nubar's top coat is quite thick and initially seemed to smooth it out nicely, but this AM I noticed that my nails have a strange texture.  Not really a big deal I suppose.  I still love it!


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  1. I think Ruby Pumps is a part of the permanent line so that's why it's so easy to find it.