Thursday, August 18, 2011

OPI Road House Blues

As promised I bring you a second post this evening from OPI Touring America.  This is Road House Blues.  It is a very deep blue creme polish.  Something makes me want to avoid calling this a navy polish.  It just has a shine that is a lighter and clearer blue that makes it seem a bit different from a navy.  Besides, navy reminds me of my old private school uniform from when I was younger.  Yuck.  Back to polish.  The polishes in the OPI Touring America collection are 4 Free and all have the great Pro Wide Brush.
2 coats Road House Blues, no top coat, artificial light
I'll spare you all the rant of praise that has been included in my other Touring America posts thus far.  This is opaque in two coats and a really lovely fall color.  I included a flash shot to capture the blue-ness I was talking about.  It actually looks a bit dusty in this picture, but you don't really see that IRL.
2 coats Road House Blues, no top coat, flash

So any ideas what you would like to see tomorrow?  More Touring America?  Some China Glaze?  I'll be trying to swing by the bigger of the two nearby Sephoras to find Nails Inc tomorrow.  The first try was a failure, but that store doesn't get everything.


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