Monday, July 11, 2011

A England: Lady of The Lake

Hey guys!!  I have a new-to-me brand for you all tonight.  You know how happy that makes me (really really happy).  It makes me almost as happy as getting news tonight that I made my first choice in law journal did!  Yay!  Anways, this is A England Lady of The Lake.  It is a deep purple that leans red.  I want to call it a creme/holo hybrid.  It paints on like a creme similar to the Glitter Gal holos, and has VERY fine silver and holo glitter that creates the faintest hint of a linear holo in certain lights.  In other lights the polish just looks like it has a white fine dust.
2 coats Lady of The Lake + Seche Vite, artificial light
 A England polishes are 3 free and are not tested on animals.  The polishes all have the Camelot/King Arthur themed names. The bottle feels like an Essie in your hand with a silver lid in place of white plastic.  This painted on very smoothly, though I found the brush a bit flimsy for my taste.  Overall, I am genuinely impressed with this brand and I'm glad I finally grabbed this.  I also got Tristam, which I'll probably try out tomorrow AM.  A England hails from England (big shocked), and shipping is normally cost-prohibitive.  However, they recently offered free worldwide shipping and I took advantage.  Definitely keep you eyes peeled for another special!

2 coats Lady of The Lake + Seche Vite, flash (the rainbow is peaking out!)
I'll be posting tomorrow and trying to schedule a post for Wednesday, but I am prepping for a not so fun hospital visit that is happening Wednesday and only time will tell if I will be able to post.


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  1. it's such a pretty color! Like a purple-y gray:)