Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dusty Purple Comparison

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the late hour of the post tonight, but I got into a swatching zone while the boyfriend was working and I just went with it.  My hectic summer has resulted in me running out of extra swatches to post when I'm too busy to paint my nails but I have just replenished my safety net.  Tonight I have my first comparison by request.  I recently posted about a lovely dusty purple, Butter London Scoundrel (read my review here).  One of our lovely readers, GothamPolish, commented that she would love to see it next to OPI's Parlez Vous OPI (PVO).  Being the hard working researcher that I am, I immediately hopped on evilbay and snagged a bottle.  I'm not sure why I didn't try this out sooner, but whatever. 

I decided to add in OPI Planks A Lot to this party because I definitely thought of it when I first tried on Scoundrel.  I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by GothamPolish's spot here.  These polishes are very close.

(L-R) Scoundrel, Parlez Vous OPI, Planks A Lot, Scoundrel, no top coat, artificial light
 As you can see Scoundrel and PVO are both pink based purple cremes, and that Planks A Lot is more of a blue leaning purple creme.  Planks A Lot is also a good bit lighter than the other two.  All 3 are definitely in the dusty category that has been trending this summer.   PVO had an impressively smooth formula and all 3 of these were opaque in 2 coats.  
(L-R) Scoundrel, Parlez Vous OPI, Planks A Lot, Scoundrel, no top coat, artificial light
PVO is half a shade darker than Scoundrel, but in some light you can't even tell.  For some reason I have the urge to hold onto both of these polishes.  Sometimes I want a rectangular bottle and sometimes I want a rounded one?  OK, fine - I'm a hoarder. 

Tomorrow's post will be scheduled and hopefully goes up alright.  I have a test in the hospital tomorrow that I'm getting knocked out for and I am not confident that I will be functional tomorrow afterwards.

Wish me luck!


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