Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chanel Morning Rose

Happy Hump Day!  As you're reading this I am probably knocked out at Georgetown Hospital for super fun tests.  I mentioned previously that I went on a Chanel binge and decided to give the brand another shot.  At $25 a pop, it was a big shot.  For this week's Pink Wednesday I have Chanel Morning Rose.  Part of me wishes that we had Purple or Blue Wednesdays, because I seriously can't capture pinks with my lighting/camera set up.  Morning rose is a pale peachy pink jelly/creme with a peachy microshimmer running throughout.  It comes in the signature rectangular prism with the pop off top that reveals a ribbed application grip topped with the signature double Cs.  The bottles are generally easy to hold and have a nice brush length to grip ratio.  I am happy to report that the brush on this Chanel polish is less flimsy than the other colors I have tried thus far.  This applied easily and was opaque in 2-ish coats. 
2.5 coats Morning Rose + Seche Vite, artificial light
If you haven't gathered from my recent posts, I am thinking I may be alright with Chanel polishes again.  I may take advantage of some sales coming up to grab their base and top coat to see if my wear issues are remedied by taking that route.  That's some expensive stuff though.

Do any of my fellow polish addicts have any other Chanel polishes I should try?  Please, let me know!



  1. Too bad my hands are looking so butchered! Thanks for reading <3