Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OPI - Tickle My France-y

Hello everyone!!

Hope you are all doing well. Since Shbecky posted a (orange looking) pink today, I hope I can get away with my non-pink polish du jour. This past weekend, while in Salt Lake City visiting mi padre, I (well, my dad) treated me to a much-needed pedi. On my way out of the salon/spa, I noticed a rack of OPIs and couldn't resist taking a peek. I have been on a hunt for the perfect mannequin hand polish for what feels like eternity.. and when my eyes met with OPI Tickle My France-y, it was love at first sight. I immediately purchased it and eagerly awaited my return to DC so that I could try it out.

1 coat OPI Natural Nail basecoat + 3 coats Tickle My France-y + 1 coat Seche Vite
artificial light

Since my return, I've had this mani on for a few days now (hence the slight tip wear). I am a bit torn about it to be honest. Application wise, the polish was alright. The usual great OPI brush helped a ton, but the polish was incredibly water-ey/thinned out so it kept beading at the base of my nail. I don't have this problem often, so it was frustrating. I also needed three good coats to get this baby opaque.

But I think my biggest upset with this polish is incredibly subjective - I just don't think it goes well with my skin tone. This nude leans a little pink/gray/lavender, even though that doesn't necessarily come through in the photo. It looks far warmer in the bottle which is why I thought it would melt in with my skin tone. Instead the two seem to be competing and as a result.... both, lose.

Verdict? I'll probably hang on to this polish, if only to compare it to my next "mannequin hand" attempts. Ultimately, I think with nudes it is going to be hit or miss depending on your skin tone. So I will keep trying and I hope to come up with a winner soon!! And just cause I love you so much.. here is a picture of the view from the hike I went on with my dad - SO PRETTY, why doesn't DC have pretty mountain-ey nature =(

Until next time!!
Sony T

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