Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paul & Joe: Manhattan 20

Hey everyone!  Welcome to all of our new followers!  I'm still home sick in bed :(.  I figured I'd throw a quick polish post together before I pass back out.  My polish has been on since Sunday night.  That's how my bf knows when I really don't feel well - my polish goes unchanged.  Maybe later tonight I'll get myself together.  Today I have Paul and Joe's Manhattan 20.  I was a little hesitant to buy any of these because they are sold for $12 and I knew very little about the polishes.  I'm glad I finally caved, but this may be a one time thing for me.
2 coats Manhattan 20 + top coat, artificial light
Paul & Joe Nail Enamels are 3 Free and come in a bottle that reminds me of some old school British crown in shape.  The top is beige ribbed plastic and easy to hold in your hand.  The brush is long and thin but very manageable.  Manhattan 20 is an olive-y brown metallic polish.  It isn't brush strokey or anything, but I wasn't impressed with the polish.  It didn't stay where I put it, and that always frustrates me.  I actually don't have any other colors like this, so maybe the color/application just has to grow on me.  

Verdict? I'll give it a bit to grow on me, but I don't see myself spending another $12 on these polishes.

What do you guys think about Paul & Joe?

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