Wednesday, June 22, 2011

China Glaze: Wild Mink - Pink Wednesday

Can someone tell me why I can't capture pinks on my camera?  I don't have this type of trouble with any other hues so this is driving me crazy.  This polish is really a medium bubble gum pink creme with a slight orange undertone, but this looks straight orange.  I've messed with the white balance and my lighting and tried all sorts of post photo editing.  No luck.  My only solution is to go outside, which I did this morning at 7:30 am.  There must be a way to capture this inside with artificial lighting.  Any tips?
2 coats Wild Mink + Seche Vite, artificial light
I think I snagged this on a bulk ebay purchase a little while back.  I love the color, which sort of reminds me of YSL Rosa Rosa.  The formula is amazing for a China Glaze.  They are always good with formula, but this could pass for a Lippmann polish if you put it in the signature polish bottle.  This is a 3 free polish, but still seems very hard and dried impressively fast.  I pushed the limits on timing with a pre-bed mani and woke up without a sheet mark in sight.  The brush was a little flimsy on this.  However, it really doesn't matter when the formula is so spot on.  This is definitely a new permanent go to pink in my collection.
2 Coats Wild Mink + Seche Vite, natural light
My only gripe with this polish is its name.  I keep wanting to call it "Mink Pink."  I even titled this post with that accidentally but noticed before publishing.  Anyways, I'm excited I remembered it was Pink Wednesday.  It makes it way easier to pick a polish.

Verdict? STASH -this is my new favorite pink.

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  1. Mink Pink is a much better name. It rhymes! lol

  2. Apparently, that color is the first one ever made by China Glaze. It is a very pretty color.

  3. China glaze should rethink the name hah. @hotweheelinBetty - I didn't know that! It's a beauty :) Thanks for reading!