Wednesday, June 22, 2011

China Glaze: Let's Do It In 3D

Hey everyone!  I know it's super late, but today was a crazy day for a simple little Hill intern like myself.  I was at work for almost 12 hours and a polish post wasn't in the cards until now.  I watched The Nail Files tonight, which is the new nail salon centered reality show on the Tv Guide Network.  It was pretty funny, but I would have loved a little more actual nail talk mixed in with the crazy moments.  Maybe next week?

Tonight I am showing you China Glaze Let's Do It In 3D.  This is one of their many discontinued polishes that holo fans everywhere wish would be re-released.  This is a charcoal holographic polish that has a sort of foily finish.  It leans a little bit blue/green in the light and is truly beautiful.  As a bonus this is 3 Free.  While down in NC last weekend I painted my boyfriend's mother's nails with this as well.  Not many mothers of boyfriends are awesome enough to rock a holo polish, but I've definitely lucked out.  She looked great with it on her nails and paired it with a cute black dress and funky silver jewelry.
2 coats Let's Do It In 3D + OPI top coat + 1 more coat 3D, sun
 I knew I'd be traveling, so I used the sandwich technique.  The mani held up perfectly for the 48-ish hours I kept it on.  I only took it off because I was dealing with nail polish remover.  I also learned that this is one of the best self-leveling polishes I have encountered.  The boyfriend's mother has some trouble with ridges in her nails, but this smoothed them right out!  I think a combination of the formula and the intense reflection makes for a lovely finish.
bonus shot! 
Anyways, I love this polish.  You probably couldn't force me to part with it.  Everyone needs to track one of these babies down.  What's not to love about a gorgeous, unique, fast-drying holo?

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  1. This entire collection needs a re-release.

  2. And by re-release we don't mean Tronica! haha