Saturday, June 18, 2011

Butter London: Scoundrel

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the late post a second night straight.  I am easily flustered by travel and changed routines, and the boyfriend and I just got to Charlotte, NC for our friend Robert's wedding.  It's actually a pretty exciting weekend.  I need to keep this quick though, because I am staying with my boyfriend's family and I am the only one up at this point.  I'm very glad to be here though, because his family is so great and nice and I never see them.  I'm looking forward to doing girly stuff (aka paint his mom's nails tomorrow) while the boys are off doing their manly traditions.  

Tonight I have Butter London Scoundrel for you all.  Butter London polishes are 3 Free and come in the distinct rectangular prism-shaped bottle with a lid that pops off to reveal a ribbed top with a royal bird imprinted on the top.  The British brand names its polishes with quirky British names, which makes the brand pretty fun.  They also have great formulas on their polishes.  Scoundrel is a dusty lilac purple creme.  It was opaque in 2 amazingly easy to apply coats and I really like the color.
2 coats Scoundrel + Seche Vite, artificial light

Scoundrel is everything I wanted OPI Planks A Lot to be.  It has a great smooth formula that is matched perfectly to the Butter London brush where Planks A Lot was a pain to apply.  I paint my nails because it relaxes me.  Polishes that I have to fight with ruin that aspect painting my nails.  The colors are not dupes, as Scoundrel has a bit more rosiness to it than Planks A Lot.  However, this polish is the clear winner IMO.  Well - it's time for some sleep.  Look for a post from SonyT in the morning!

Does anyone else have both polishes and feel this way or the opposite?  

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  1. Love how muted this purple is!

  2. Beautiful shade :) Would love to see it compared to OPI Parlez Vous OPI

  3. Thanks for reading! Yea - it's really beautiful and lives up to the Butter London brand name as usual.

    @GothamPolish ~ Now I have an excuse to place another polish order. You are my hero. I can't turn down important "research."