Friday, May 13, 2011

Quirius: Cruiser EPIC FAIL

I mentioned in my earlier post that I had gone into a salon where I had a close encounter with the VERY HTF My Private Jet (Yea - I'm still pouting over it).  The trip wasn't an entire waste, because I grabbed two blue polishes from brands I have not had any experience with thus far, Quirius and BTOUCH.  I love trying new brands.  I can't say anything about BTOUCH yet, but unfortunately Quirius is a huge disappointment.
4 coats of Cruiser, one coat of Seche Vite, unfortunately poor artificial light.
Let's start with the good, shall we?
Color: A+; Cruiser is a perfect robin's egg blue/baby blue.  It has a slight hint of green which wouldn't show up in my picture.  No matter what I do with the camera or editing, I lose the green and have lobstery orange hands. Not an issue IRL.

Bottle: B; Quirius' bottle is quite average.  It looks kind of like someone made a cheep version of an OPI bottle then stepped on it to smush it down.  It's easy to hold and to open, but the brush is pretty flimsy.  Nothing great, but nothing too terrible.

Formula: C-; My grade is being too generous.  Cruiser is a creme pastel and a horror to apply.  It was watery and gloopy at the same time and would not even out.  At 4 coats I was as close to satisfied as I was going to get, so I added a coat of Seche Vite.  I thought this might remedy the uneven finish, but it caused an entire new set of problems.  The polish bubbled terribly.  One finger has purple bubbles coming through, and my pinky (pictured below) developed a blister-esque bubble which eventually deflated.  What an epic failure.
Pinky disaster: the apparent dent is from the large bubble, and the purple and green marks are small bubbles within the formula.
I knew I should have researched the brand before I purchased!  It seems I am not the only one to have various issues with Quirius' formula and application.  I swear I'm not just being mean!  Nail guru, Michelle, at All Lacquered Up seems to have had a number of issues with these polishes as well.


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