Friday, May 13, 2011

Essie: Splash of Grenadine

All of my saved posts that hadn't published are temporarily MIA while blogger works out some kinks, so for now you just get a quick shot of yesterday's mani.  On another random note, I ALMOST had the holo version of OPI's My Private Jet.  It was in my hand, a half filled bottle of rainbow heaven, but the lady would not sell it to me.  It was the one color she had no backup for.  She kindly offered to order me another one, and I dramatically explained that the new version wasn't what I was looking for.  I hoped that if I looked at her long enough she would hand over the goods, but no such luck.  People in the salon may have thought I was insane.  Oh well...that was the first salon I had ever tried to look for HTFs and I suppose that's the incentive I needed to actually give it a try more often.  Any ideas in the Maine Line Philly area?

Update: Random posts are missing at the moment as well.  :(  Hopefully they are returned shortly.

Back to the mani. . . I hastily slapped on Essie's A Splash of Grenadine yesterday as I rushed to leave for a long weekend in Philly.  I managed to mess it up within 30 seconds of these pictures, and it wasn't exactly something to be proud of in the first place.  The formula was that typical slightly thick jelly/creme that Essie is known for.  I had a little trouble with the thickness due to my hasty application, but patience would remedy any formula issues.  The color is great, even though it looks nothing like grenadine.  Nope, not even a splash.  It's more of a light purpley pink color, and I'm thinking it's work friendly (YAY!).  This was 2 coats of polish + a coat of Seche Vite.  Sorry, I know the pic is a bit dark. 

Charlie Chunk and Warren outside Rita's Waterice

As a bonus I leave you with a picture of the bf and my family's Golden who we took for a little field trip this AM.  His name is Charlie (After the "Charlie bit me" video on youtube), but I prefer to call him "Chunk."  


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